What You Get

BDM Wallet system
Kaara is built around a Bank Denominated Multicurrency (BDM) wallet system which allows you maintain multiple wallets across different banks and in different currencies.
Secure transactions
Each Kaara transaction is safely secured using a Multi-factor authentication (MFA) system.  Transaction authorization is only given after presentation and successful validation  of 2 or more pieces of evidence across two or more channels.
Enjoy Mobility
Enjoy ease of access from multiple Operating System (Windows, Android & IOS) and device type (Web, Mobile and Tablets).
Access to Market
Enjoy access to a large pool of potential buyers and sellers of currencies in just a few clicks.
Transaction settlement
Leverage Kaaras’ secure and transparent escrow system when settling not only money exchange transactions but also commodity exchange transactions.
Instant Multichannel Notifications
Get instantly notified of activities and transaction updates through multiple channels which include In App, SMS and Email notifications.

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Anthony Selling $3,000 @ 359 Buy
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Anthony Selling Not Funded $3,000 @ 359 Buy
Anthony Selling Not Funded £400 @ 453 Buy

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Any Device, Anywhere

Accessing Kaara is easy as it is available over any regular web browser, IoS, Android and Windows platform across different devices (Mobile, Tablet and PC) respectively. Click your button below to download the Mobile Applications.

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Kaara is a marketplace that connects and facilitates money exchange and settlement for people looking to swap their currencies. The features on Kaara allow users easily and instantly exchange currency in the open market without fear of losing funds to the other party that he/she wants to exchange funds with. The entire exchange process is done through a controlled, transparent and secured virtual wallet account owned by the users.

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